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Medien The Drift Chronicles Part 3 - Magic Underwear, Water Bottles, and Punching

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  • hochgeladen 13. August 2013

Everyone has rituals. Some more than others. Drifters more than anyone. A drifter punches his car. Many may wear magic underwear. Each has his own. I made a video story about it. Do these rituals help? Ask Chris Forsberg. He is the 2009 Formula Drift Champion, and he won the title with a ragged water bottle in his door that was present for every round that year. He donned a ragged water bottle for the first time since '09 in this specific event. He won. Did it help him win? We all have our demons and our habits. These select few rely on them to compete in the sport they love. And Vaughn Gittin JR would have a massive blow-hole if he was a drifting dolphin - watch the video after the cut and you'll get it. Additional footage by Paco Ibarra. He's great. Check out The Tofu Drift Van. You won't regret it.

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