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Medien Pioneer New DJM-2000nexus MONSTA performing 'Messiah'

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Watch MONSTA perform on the DJM-2000nexus and use the new touchscreen Beat Slice Remix effect to chop up live vocals, showing how blurred the lines can get between DJing, live performance and production using the new mixer. We've added improved sound quality, new cosmetic design (including silver Isolator dials, white LEDs and P-Lock Fader caps). Plus a new touchscreen Sync Master screen for controlling up to four connected CDJ-2000nexus and set a global BPM. The performance also incorporated two CDJ-2000nexus playing rekordbox analysed music, plus a laptop running Ableton. The microphone was connected to a preamplifier sound card and routed through Ableton and back out into the DJM-2000 built-in soundcard so it could be used on the DJ channels. NI Massive was also running in Ableton for the keyboards and channeled though the same built-in soundcard. DJM-2000 Firmware Update Pioneer will commence a new firmware update from end of November for owners of the DJM-2000. This update will allow certain functions of the DJM-2000nexus to be used with the DJM-2000. Music: MonstA - 'Messiah' UK: USA: For more information, visit Press Release: We will be releasing a Walkthrough covering all the new features soon.

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