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Medien Harley - Custom

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Harley - Custom with tuned S&S twincam A

Bozzies Custom Bike Design from The Netherlands, developed and build this dragstyle motorcycle for one of his clients. If you like it and like to know more about Bozzies check their website

History of Bozzies Custom Bike Design

1. How we started.

What went before…..
Already in his early years, Hans Bos, owner and founder of Bozzies Custum Design, had a passion for motorbikes and American cars.
At the age of 16, the born and bred Utrechter had already managed to save up for his first showpiece: a Camaro.
Soon to be followed by a Corvette and a Mustang of course. So it was no more than natural that Hans started working in the car business. Nearly twenty years he worked as a car damage repairman, specialized in servicing and fixing expensive, often exclusive cars.
After this long but particularly valuable period, Hans was ready for a new challenge. In 1996, in a small shed with a surface area of no more than 15 m2, Hans started building his first Japanese Chopper.
During a test-drive and still in the final building phase, Hans was approached by a passer-by, who turned out to be highly enthusiastic about the motorbike and who was to become its proud owner at the spot.
This made Bozzies Bike Design an established fact.
Hans’ workplace soon started to become too small. The orders kept coming in from home as well as abroad, and mainly concerned the building and rebuilding of Japanese motorbikes. Another location was needed. In 1996 and with a lot of help from friends and acquaintances, a new location was found with a surface of 200 m2. Now Hans had the space to design and build whatever he wished.

One of his friends who wanted him to build a Harley Davidson, also opened the way to a new trend. Since that time Hans has applied himself to this type of motorbike.
Being passionately driven, Hans works long hours. He wants to think and work out features of design and development down to the smallest detail. His enthusiasm, know-how, experience and tendency to perfectionism not only produces a high-quality product but also turn him into a true artist with an eye for absolute beauty which can be regarded a permanent characteristic of his product, or of his whole art for that matter.

During the years, Hans Bos has built up a reputation and although having received many offers to join well-established companies in this field, he wants to remain his own master in order to give his ideas and artistic potential full swing. Supported by a number of equally passionate driven friends, Hans has managed to present a high-quality product which not only offers comfort and joy of riding, but also attracts attention to its beauty.

2. What we do.

Bozzies Custom Bikes is specialized in building and rebuilding HD motorbikes.

• A lathe
• Professional lifting platforms
• A milling machine
• A bending bench
• TIG and MIG welders
• A spray booth
• A grinder

Your Harley Davidson can be completely rebuilt to your own wishes.Anything is possible. Having your own design in thought? No problem, we can make dreams come true! All kinds of spray styles are possible: airbrush, special paint, powder coating etc. Turn a standard Harley-Davidson into your own personal bike!

Apart from design and character, the technical aspects are of major importance. Think about road-holding and safety. Bozzies Custom Bikes has been working on these aspects for years and have thoroughly tested all its products. There’s the “Bozzies Single Side Swingarm” for example which can be supplied in nearly all tyre widths like: 280, 300, 330 and 360 mm. Visit our website for more information under section parts.
A few important Bozzies Custom Bikes specialties:

a. Rebuilding existing motorbikes
For years, Bozzies Custom Bikes has been specialized in rebuilding existing HD motorbikes. We have developed several moulds for widening a standard frame or rear axle. Frames and rear axles are optimally balanced and reinforced. We guarantee optimum motoring performance, safety and stablility.

b. Building new motorbikes
For he or she who wants something really special and unique in its kind, there’s the possibility to create a special bike together with Bozzies.

c. Maintenance & Service
Periodic services are made according to Harley-Davidson standards. We can easily manage any kind of servicing and welding. Only original Harley-Davidson parts are used.

d. Material damage repairs
In case of HD damage repairs you can let Bozzies Custom Bikes fix the problem. We also set up insurance damage assessment reports.

e. Parts
Bozzies Custom Bikes is a dealer of: Zodiac, Motorcycle Storehouse, Custom Chrome and Rick's Motorcycles. We also supply our home made products. Visit our site for more information under section parts.

f. Assesments
In some cases it is necessary to make an assessment on your bike for taking out an insurance policy for instance. Throughout the years, Bozzies Custom Bikes has established a number of contacts with assessment offices, specialized in assessing special or standard Harley Davidson motorbikes


Standort: Nijverheidsweg 2, 3534 Utrecht, Niederlande
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