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Medien 100th VIDEO TRIUMPH - Jesse La Flair - Tempest Freerunning

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Not only does this video contain some of Jesse La Flairs most memorable movements from the past years, but it starts with a move he INVENTED called the Knee Loser and a few other moves that may have never been seen before... PLEASE Share, and Like!!! "Its been absolutely crazy for me to think back when first started to upload video. I never could have imagined putting out 100 of them and getting such an awesome and talented group of followers. When I first started I used my number of subscribers to help push me to train more often and harder. at some point I promised that the moves I would do would get bigger as the rate of subscribers goes up. Well I still feel the same way today. But I also have felt the responsibility to give you higher quality content and tutorials to help you get started. Now I get many emails and messages a day from people telling me that I have inspired them and got them started in parkour and freerunning, and that has become my favorite part about continuing to get out videos for you. This year I got asked to join the incredible Team of Tempest Freerunning. It is my brothers on the team that have pushed me the furthest. They set a bar of movement so how I am blinded by what should be normal. They are my family and I just wanted to say thanks for everyones help on pushing me harder and making me stronger. Last but not least Thank you to my beautiful Wife Brianne La Flair, who has not only dealt with my passion for movement but has delve into it and helped make me who I am. I love you! Thanks for watching and again please FAVORITE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! PARKOUR AND FREERUNNING PAGE! FACEBOOK!!! FOLLOW ME! MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

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