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Kategorien Sport Wheelbase Review - Landyachtz "Peacemaker"

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Welcome to the 2012, Wheelbase Magazine Product Review for the Landyachtz "Peacemaker" single-kick skateboard. This review features Thomas Iturraran and Boo Boo Mack as they rip and shred the Peacemaker on some local terrain. Addendum #1: The Landyachtz "Peacemaker" does in fact have 3 wheelbase adjustability options at the front truck—we'd just thought it'd be cool see another one. Our wording on that was unclear, and we apologize. Peace! Filming: Marcus Bandy & Thomas Iturraran. Invisible voices: Marcus Bandy. Shrednasty: Thomas Iturraran & Boo Boo Mack. Editing: Andrew Parker. For more information check out:

Kategorien: Sport, Extremsport
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