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Kategorien Outdoorsport Photomonkey teases Millennium Series at Costa Dorada

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The Photomonkey teases with a little footage for much, much more to come of this event and season!
Please be aware that this is the first time the monkey was monkeying around with the new video camera and trying out all sorts of settings - hence the non consecutive resolution here and there. He is a Photomonkey after all, and not a video-chimp. As I said... it's just a teaser for what might come in the future. It won't get worse than this - monkeypromise.

All shot on Sony FS5 in slog3 and firmware 1.11. Slowmos done from 200fps up to 400fps (which I probably won't do again).
All edited and "graded" in FCPX (which is not so pro after all).
All done (except the music) by the Photomonkey:

A big thanks to Mr. Andrew Applepie for the music!

Share and enjoy!

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