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A surreal look at the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

This effect was created by blending frames of video together to simulate exposure times longer than actually possible because of the limitations of capturing 24 frames per second.

Most video is shot at at least 24fps or more, so the shutter of the camera cannot be open longer than 1/24th of a second, if it was you would be unable to capture enough frames for continuous motion, OR it would be motion but not in real time, such as a time-lapse.

Because of this limitation an entire branch of photography has been closed off to moviemakers, that is "long exposure photography". Long Exposures offer many creative applications, such as blurred motion, light trails, and even can be used to make undesirable moving objects disappear.

What is done here is taking frames from video captured at 24fps with a 1/50th shutter speed and blending them together using Adobe Photoshop. The final product is a video that's still played at 24fps but with a 1 second shutter speed.

The effect is eerie, causing things that do not move to remain sharp, but anything with motion to blur. The faster something moves to more faint it becomes. Where this is best shown is when something changes speed such as the shot of the man stopping in the street to check his phone, he almost appears out of nowhere, but when he walks off you can see his shape fade away.

Shot in Tokyo Japan in the Shibuya district with a 5D Mk 3.
Thanks to Russell Brown for letting me help in Japan.
The track is “Patches of Godlight” by Standby Red 5

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